Monday, January 11, 2010


If you are looking for a critique partner, this is a great place to start your search.  Simply enter a comment to this post with the following information, and I will create a unique post for it.  People interested in offering a critique of your work can enter comments on that post to let the author know how to contact them, or the author can provide contact info for the critiquers to reach out directly in the submission template. 

Submission form template:




DESCRIPTION: (500 words max)

CRITIQUE REQUESTED: (line edit, general feedback, plot holes, voice, continuity, everything, etc.)

CONTACT INFO: (This blog is a place to solict feedback and make connections, I will leave it to the author and the critiquer to exchange the manuscript and feedback directly.  To avoid spam, I suggest writing your email address long hand, e.g myname at domain dot com)


  1. I have a manuscript for a 920 word picture book. Is this something you would consider posting?

  2. Hi Jon,

    Absolutely, I'll post it. If you are querying I have another blog for query letter critiques, and picture books queries are welcome there. It's

    I just set this Critique exchange blog up last week and I never announced it, I'm impressed that you found it!

  3. Impressed at my ability to spend hours upon hours seeking the best resources to better myself AKA wasting time, I'm flattered. Alright, I will post my manuscript, I have sent a few queries, all rejected, and I think it's the story that needs help, so I would love to get feedback. Let me know when you would like me to do so, since I believe you need followers first. I checked out your other blogs and think this one will be as great a success.

  4. If you submit, I'll advertise. I'll post to the Public Query Slushpile, and I'll reach out to the moderators at The Literary Lab and ask Nathan Bransford if he will mention this blog in a This Week In Publishing post on his blog, he's done so before for the Slushpile.

    My plan for this blog is to solicit critique, but the actual exchange of manuscripts and feedback would be personal between the author and critiquer. I adjusted the Submission post to make this more clear.

  5. The post is up. I'll start spreading the word today as time permits...

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If you are interested in providing a critique of the work described in this post, please post some form of comment that will tell the author how to contact you.