Monday, January 18, 2010

Critique Request- Mylar, Children's Picture Book



GENRE: Children's Picture Book

DESCRIPTION: Today is the best day of Mylar’s life. Today he is being taken home. Mylar, a fun-loving balloon, is finally given a warm home. Just as soon as he gets comfortable, he is swept away and loses his best friend, Jamie. This journey follows Mylar as he searches favorite children’s play spots, like the ballpark and playground, for his best friend, while battling Mother Nature and loss of hope. Despite feeling down and giving up, Mylar manages to find his friend and home, much to the help of the reader rooting aloud for him.

CRITIQUE REQUESTED: General feedback, everything, and/or anything

CONTACT INFO: jonathonarntson at gmail dot com


  1. I also am interested in getting my latest picture book reviewed. My first three books are posted as PDF files and as slide shows on my site at
    If intersed in an honest critique trade, please send me a PDF of your book and I will do the same. It should hopefully b ready by the end of this weekend.
    Shelina Ishani

  2. Shelina,

    If you enter a comment with the submissions template, I'll create a unique post for your Jazzy Series critique request.


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